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We specialize in the latest health technology, the prevention and treatment of over 200 different illnesses and ailments. Anything from Cancer, Heart-related diseases, common colds and flu, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Poor blood circulation, breathing problems, Emphysema, diabetes, etc.

What is Ozone?

Very simply put, trees and plants produce oxygen (O2). The oxygen molecule is lighter than the surrounding air, so it rises into the atmosphere towards the sun. Once these oxygen molecules have reached between 20-30km into the atmosphere, the sun’s ultraviolet rays convert the oxygen into ozone (O3), a form of “Super Oxygen”.

Since the ozone molecule with its extra oxygen atom is now heavier than the surrounding air, it begins to descend towards earth again. On its journey down towards the earth, the ozone molecules purify the air by destroying toxic elements and pollutants, also neutralising pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

Have you ever smelt that fresh smell after a thunderstorm?

That is how ozone is generated; by the lightning striking through the air during a thunderstorm splitting the oxygen molecule to form ozone molecules.

Did you know that ozone is nature’s most powerful disinfectant & purifier and it kills bacteria 3000 times faster than chlorine?

For over 100 years, ozone has been known as the fastest, strongest, and most natural disinfectant and provides treatment for over 5000 cities, 95% of bottled water, and countless industries. Ozone is 3000 times faster and 300 times stronger than chlorine, breaks down to oxygen, preserves healthy water minerals, and has no consumables. From bacteria, metals, sulphur, tannin and even contaminants like medications are no match for the power of ozone.

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The History of Ozone


According to the Spanish Association Of Medical Professionals In Ozone Therapy.

Ozone was discovered in 1785 by Dutch physicist Martinus Van Marum (1750-1837) by perceiving a peculiar odour that generated near the electrostatic machines, but it was not until May 1840 that the German chemist Christian Friedrich Schönbein (1799-1868) synthesizes it.

In 1857

Werner von Siemens built the first superior induction tube, with which Kleinmann made the first attempts to destroy microorganisms and the first gas insufflations in animals and humans.

In 1870, the German doctor Lender made the first publication on practical biological effects, relating to water disinfection.

The discovery of the antimicrobial properties of ozone revolutionized medicine of the time, 70 years still remaining for the emergence of penicillin. The first report on ozone as a purifier of the blood appears.

In 1873

Fox discovered the ability of this chemical agent for eliminating microorganisms.

There is evidence of its use as a disinfectant since 1881, according to that mentioned by Dr. Kellogg in his book on diphtheria.

The discovery crossed the ocean to North America and in 1885, the Florida Medical Association published the first textbook on medical applications of ozone, written by Dr. Kenworth.


In the old European continent in 1893, the first facility in Ousbaden (Netherlands) for the disinfection and purification of water for human consumption and waste is created.

Till this date, there are more than 3000 water treatment plants with ozone in this country. Zurich, Florence and other cities had been acquiring these systems to disinfect water.


Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) of Croatian origin and latter on US citizen, patented his first ozone generator in 1896; and in 1900 founded Nikola Tesla “Tesla Ozone Co., manufacturer of generators for medical use. Tesla was the first to ozonate olive oil.

According to Life Magazine’s special issue of September 1997, Tesla is among the 100 most famous people of the last 1,000 years. Tesla was an enigmatic, eccentric and owner of a magnificent imagination when applied to the field of science, led him to develop ideas that came into dispute with the conventional knowledge of the time. An example of this is the Alternating Current, which at the time, crashed head-on with Thomas Alva Edison’s Direct Current.

In 1911

Dr Noble Eberhart, head of the Department of Physiology of Loyola Chicago University, in the “Manual of High-Frequency Operation”, states that he used ozone to treat tuberculosis, anaemia, chlorosis, tinnitus, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, insomnia, pneumonia, diabetes, gout and syphilis.

He creates the first university teaching centre dedicated among other things to ozone therapy.

In 1915, Dr. Wolf, chief surgeon of the medical services of the German army, extends its use for topical treatment of infected wounds, frozen foot, gangrene and decubitus ulcers.


The emergence of plastics resistant to ozone leads in 1957, German physician Dr. Hänsler to manufacture the first modern ozone generator, which modern-day generators base themselves of.

In 1961 Dr. Hans Wolff introduced in his practice the major and minor autohemotherapy. In the early ’70s, the German Society of Ozone Therapy is created which contributes to the momentum of ozone therapy and that it should be applied in different diseases.

The human body has less oxygen in our cells now than in the past. Why is that?

Medical research has proven that (about 50 years ago) the oxygen on a cellular level in our bodies was as high as 45%. Approximately 90% of the body’s biochemical processes involve the use of oxygen.

Dr Otto Warburg, a world-renowned oncologist and twice Nobel Prize winner for medicine, proved that one is more susceptible to cancer if the oxygen on a cellular level drops below 40%. The oxygen on a cellular level currently ranges between 12% and 17% Due to the fact that we only breathe in 20.89% of oxygen.

Why are higher levels of oxygen so important?

Dr Warburg, of the Kaiser Institute in Berlin, proved that cancer cells cannot proliferate in a high-oxygen environment. His research revealed that when a cell is denied 60% of its normal oxygen requirement it enters an anaerobic state and higher-level functions of the cell are shut down, making the cells more susceptible to cancers and viruses. In addition, the research demonstrated that cancer tumours reduced in size in high-oxygen environments.

DR. Linda Martin

The oxygen in your cells is crucial to good health and optimal levels of healing

Dr Linda Martin is an American researcher that proved that a human’s entire immune system is based on oxygen.

Firstly, if you are sick and you want to get healthy or if you are healthy and want to stay healthy, you need to have enough oxygen in your blood cells.  How it works is, you have red blood cells and white blood cells. Your red blood cells are your oxygen carriers and your white blood cells are your soldiers or fighters. If you have enough oxygen on the cellular level then they are in balance with each other and your immune system functions optimal. The moment that you do not have enough oxygen on cellular level the red blood cells start to die and the white blood cell attacks the red blood cells. This means that your immune system starts to break itself down. To fix this you need to have enough oxygen on a cellular level, your red and white blood cells come into balance again and your immune system can function optimally again.

The second thing that she is saying is that if you have enough oxygen on the cellular level you will heal faster.

  • For example, on an accident scene, what is the first thing the paramedic will give to you to save your life?
  • Yes: Oxygen!!!
  • But not the oxygen we breathe in!!
  • Why? Because the oxygen that we breath in is not enough, the body needs more oxygen and a higher form of oxygen in the form of pure oxygen.
  • That is why a paramedic will give you a purer or higher form of oxygen because once your body receives more oxygen, your body recovers much faster.
  • The same goes for if you would get a
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Or serious injuries and end up in ICU
  • The first thing Doctors will give you is?
  • Oxygen!!
  • There is nothing better, stronger or that works faster than a pure form of oxygen.
  • Also proven that most illnesses people are suffering from today are because of a lack of oxygen on a cellular level.
  • She also proved that we need 40% oxygen on a cellular level for your immune system to function optimally.

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