Please see some of the many research papers and results below:

Aclarus and McGill University

Aclarusgroundbreaking work with McGill treated waste effluent to demonstrate its unique ability to remove emerging contaminants of concern (medications, drugs, pesticides, chemicals etc…). The results were impressive :>87% removal of these dangerous issues while providing superior disinfection and reduced water toxicity compared to traditional treatments. Continued studies and results coming soon from the small municipal Aclarus systems.

Aclarus and Centre for Alternative Waste Treatment/Fleming College

Working closely with CAWT at Fleming, Aclarus conducted various research and tests and compiled a summary of results relating to ozone and water treatment.

Aclarus and Lambton Water Centre, Lambton College

Partnering with Lambton, Aclarus offers the school a unique research tool and training and their work is leading to further enhancements of the Aclarus system, abilities, and modifications.

Other Ozone Research Papers:

Aclarus Ozone Report

Aclarus Feature in Water Quality Products Magazine

Notes from Provincial Drinking Water

Ozone Uses and Potential

US EPA Ozone Overview

Microbiological Aspects of Ozone

Ozone and Agriculture

Ozone and Agriculture Production and Processing

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