Aqua Ozone Elite – Ultimate Package


Aqua Ozone Elite consists of:

  1. Ozone Generator and powerful air pump
  2. Air hose
  3. Hydro Therapeutic non-slip mat with over 170 powerful pressure air jets, two choices of massage effect. Cushioned for comfort.
  4. Wireless Waterproof Remote control with timer and preset 5, 10, 20-minute sessions.
  5. Power control and Ozone 03 selection.
  6. Lifetime warranty on the motor provided it’s serviced annually.
  7. Service Agreement.
  8. Specially formulated essential herbal bath oils.





Aqua Ozone Elite Spa

Ozonated Hydrotherapy treatment on bone level
Treats and prevent Arthritis, Back pain, Osteoporosis.
Ozonated Hydrotherapy treatment on muscle level
Helps with muscle pain and cramps, Muscle build time and recovery is 3-4 times faster
Ozonated Hydrotherapy treatment on the cellular level
Relieves stress, improves blood circulation, treats, and prevent cancer, cures cellulite, assist in breaking down cholesterol, assist in treating and preventing cancer, cellulite reduction and assist in breaking down cholesterol, assist in treating diabetes.

Operation Procedure

Turn on the power, 4 lights (Power, Ozone, High Blow and Timer) will be on and running for 5mins.
If you do not need Ozone, press O, the light will be off.
If you need to keep running for 10mins, Press T once. For 20mins, Press T one more time.
If you need high rhythm, press H, the H light will flash on.
For low blow, press L, the light will shift from H to L. For low rhythm, press L again, the L light will flash on.

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